MediBloc Panacea
The Token module, which can issue new tokens.


Issue a new token

type MsgIssueToken struct {
Name Name `json:"name"`
Symbol Symbol `json:"symbol"`
TotalSupply sdk.Int `json:"total_supply"`
Mintable bool `json:"mintable"`
OwnerAddress sdk.AccAddress `json:"owner_address"`
A new token can be issued by the transaction message above. Anyone can issue a new token with fee paid.
Each field in the message has the following limits:
A human-friendly name, limited to 32 characters, such as Hello Token.
An identifier of the token, limited to alphanumeric characters and is case-insensitive, such as KAI. The first letter must be an alphabet character. The length of symbol should be between 3 and 13.
The symbol doesn't have to be unique. - followed by random 3 letters will be appended to the provided symbol to avoid uniqueness constraint. For example, KAI-0EA. Those 3 letters are the first three letters of the Tx hash of the issue transaction. So, the total length of the generated symbol will be between 7 and 17. The generated symbol will be returned as a Tx response.
An amount of the total supply in micro unit (by 1e6 for decimal part). The max total supply is 90 billion.
That means whether this token can be minted in the future.
An issuer address of the transaction. It will become the owner of the token. All supplied tokens will be in this account.
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